Our history

Bava Pura is a company born in 2016 in Città Sant'Angelo, a small village immersed in the greenery of the province of Pescara. In this environment particularly suitable for snail farming, we decided to found our company.

What makes our drool so rich and concentrated?

Ideal soil and environment for snail breeding. Nourishment necessary for the maintenance of snails. Non-invasive checks to monitor their state of health No use of products or chemicals or pollutants Production of snail slime in a slow and gradual way At the end of the harvest the snails are placed back in the garden

And now, what do you have in your hands?

If you buy Bava Pura products you will have a small treasure in your hands, made with care and passion by a family company that uses only snails naturally bred in Italy. Choose to rely on those who respect the environment, animals and make high quality products in a completely natural way. Buy your Burr Pura beauty cream now and discover all our offers

  • how we work

    We work following the natural biological cycle, in our outdoor enclosures we cultivate all the plants and nutrients for the snails to make them grow healthy and in a humid environment and excellent for their well-being. When the snails are ripe, after about 1 year, the next step is the processing of the burr through the "roughing" and "polishing" and finally the pH is checked. The entire cycle is performed manually.

  • final stage

    The collected slime is left to rest for about 1 day, and subsequently subjected to two procedures that increase its purity and remove all substances that have a negative impact on the quality of the slime. The final product is a pure, concentrated, well preserved slime with all the properties and active ingredients that make our products of high quality.

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The birth of Bava Pura

“The idea of ​​opening a snail farm was born a little by chance. I was pushed by my wife, who owns a beauty center in Pescara, to have my own company. My desire was to find a way that would combine my passion for nature and the environment with my wife's already started business. After some reflection I realized that the answer was right under my nose ... or rather under my feet: my city has an environment and land suitable for the cultivation of snails for the production of cosmetic products, and this is how we founded Bava Pure ".

  • Vittorio Mancini