Discover our 100% natural snail slime products and experience a new sensation all over your body.

Our creams are suitable for all skin types, prevent aging and counteract imperfections such as acne, redness and sun spots.

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Why should I choose your snail slime cream?

The slime of our snails is a naturally rich substance in active ingredients. It is the most powerful natural mix that helps reduce scars, acne marks, stretch marks, burns, blemishes, wrinkles and fine lines by regenerating damaged tissues. Our creams are rich in substances that are good for your skin because we take care of our snails: we breed them freely and manually collect their drool. The result is snails that live longer, healthier and produce more full-bodied and nutrient-rich slime.

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Our snail slime-based creams are the result of a delicate and precise work, respecting animals and nature, to offer you 100% natural and really effective cosmetics on your skin.

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Dottoressa Valentina Iervese Specialista in Anestesia, Rianimazione e medicina del dolore ed esperta in medicina estetica.

Bava Pura, perfetto connubio tra natura e tecnologia avanzata: dopo solo un giorno la pelle appare visibilmente più giovane.

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The newspaper La Verità talks about Bava Pura: our snails and our products.

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Would you like to buy one of our products but you don't know which is the most suitable for your skin or your imperfections? Don't worry, our job is to recommend only the best cosmetic for your needs.

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Do you have expression lines or premature wrinkles? Does your face have scars, acne marks or sun spots? your skin may be inflamed.

Would you like to find a product to reduce blemishes around the eyes? Decrease the fine lines of expression that you notice in front of the mirror? And find a convenient, practical method to take with you?

Do you only remove make-up with soap and water? Do you not use any specific cleanser for your skin, or do you feel that the one you are using does not leave your skin hydrated and radiant?

Is your skin excessively oily? Are there blackheads, acne marks and pimples? Does "dry skin" sometimes fall out of certain parts of the face? Your skin could be oily.

Do you feel that sometimes your skin needs "new skin"? Would you like to feel it softer and longer?

Do you have stretch marks on your body that you would like to decrease? Are you pregnant and are you looking for an effective product to prevent stretch marks?

Give your skin back all the radiance and beauty it deserves. Use 100% natural products of Bava Pura and you will feel the difference on your skin.

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